• 3x5' Lightweight Polyester Open Flag

3x5' Lightweight Polyester Open Flag

This 3x5' Lightweight Polyester Open message flag is an economical choice if you do not need a high quality Nylon flag for an outdoor display.

These lightweight polyester flags are popular for indoor displays (hanging on a wall, from a balcony, or along the ceiling). These flags are also a popular choice for meetings and other events in order to help promote the theme of the event.

These flags can be flown outdoors, although if you will be flying a flag outdoors for a long period of time we recommend our Nylon or 2 Ply Polyester flags instead to give you a longer life expectancy outdoors.

This flag is constructed with a canvas header and brass grommets.

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3x5' Lightweight Polyester Open Flag

  • $12.00

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