• 3x5' Polyester American Flag

3x5' 2-Ply Polyester American Flag

This 3x5' 2-Ply Polyester American flag features an Embroidered Star Field and Sewn Stripes to provide both beauty and strength.  It is made from a 100% 2-Ply spun-woven Polyester Fabric which is designed to help resist high winds.  This 2-Ply Polyester material out performs all other Polyester flags around.

If your flag is located along a coastline, hilltop, or if you notice that your flag is constantly flying straight out and not lifting and dropping gently in the breeze (like it should be doing), then you have two options:

  1. You can increase the size of your flag - by increasing the size of your flag you are increasing the overall square footage, which will require more wind to lift the flag.  Many people flay a flag that is too small for their flagpole/display and it causes premature wear due to abuse from the wind.
  2. If increasing the size of your flag is not an option, then we highly recommend using our 2-Ply Polyester flags.  The open weave design of this material reduces the stress placed on the flag by allowing much of the air to simply pass through.  The added weight of this material is also a benefit, because it requires more wind-force to lift the flag. 

If you are continually replacing flags because they are ripping too fast, then our 2-Ply Polyester flags are what you need.

This size flag (3x5') is normally hung on a wall, in a window, or displayed on a small flagpole (10'-25' high).  3x5' flag's are also the most popular flag size used for wall mounted displays on homes.

This flag comes with a canvas header and brass grommets standard

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3x5' Polyester American Flag

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